Weird Creature Mask...

Started by poseablemonster, January 17, 2008, 12:56:25 AM

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Maybe it's Jason Meets The Creature?  It is a green hockey mask that has foam rubber attached to make a Creature From The Black Lagoon face.  Bizarre...

Toy Ranch



Ridiculous and yet utterly compelling!  I saw this at a toy show and couldn't walk away without it.  It is so absurd that no one would believe it unless they actually saw it. 

Toy Ranch

No doubt, I would not let that mask go uncollected.  That is an all-star!


I want one!  Is there a manufacturer or distributor listed on that?
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That's a keeper for sure ;) !

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It says "Schnucks Markets" on the bar code and maybe a product #95-51776.  They are a local company here in St. Louis.  I am not sure how you'd go about searching for it, but I bet it was released just this past Halloween. 


That is weird. I remember looking at Halloween stuff at Schnucks last season and I never saw anything like that.
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It might be from several years ago, who knows?  I look every year, too and I never saw it.

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He scores! A hat trick for Andy! What's this? Wait a minute .. it's Toy Ranch coming out onto the ice. He's dropping the gloves. Look out! Fists are a flyin'! Someone's heading to the penalty box.
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That is so ugly/cute that if I saw it in a store, I'd have bought it without thought.