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Ray. Harryhausen's 10-finger life-giving toys of fantasy monsters are few and far between, as were the Billiken Chamber of Commerce and Mattel before 2000, and the Cyclops in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad is one of my favorites, because I like to buy two sofubi models from the Billiken Chamber of Commerce in 1984, one painted and one plain for fun, the advantage of this product is that it can be viewed as a static model or played as a movable puppet. Since the stop-motion action figure had also been used in other movies, it was now only a skeleton with a broken frame, and only the images of old movies and other new toys could be used for coloring, and the most outstanding design of this monster was that his two"Legs of lamb" would be too disrespectful if they were simply painted. He found the closest fur on the internet, trimmed it, and glued it bit by bit, it's also the hardest part of the painting, making your hands look like Son Gokū's, and finally making a mace to go with it (even though they never pick it up in the movie)

Because of love, about a month after I bought a auction site from Japan and the two head carving, one of the only late in the movie version of the two horns, besmear after two models together to take pictures is very interesting.

Spring in my home village after the mountain, take pictures of the toys have feeling very much.

Finally, I speak billliken chamber of commerce was framed poster, very feel American advertising model in the 60's

Thank you for your watch~ ;D Zombie LOL
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Jim Bertges

Nicely done! The furry legs came out beautifully.
You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.