Does anyone make replacement/repro Remco Mini Monster Creature feet?

Started by ODBJBG, July 02, 2021, 05:57:59 AM

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These figures are notorious for the Creature losing his feet. I'd love to fix up my busted Creach with some new feet. Does anyone know someone who does repros? Seems like this would be a really easy thing for many of the talented folks out there.

If you know, let me know!


I've never heard of anyone doing it but someone with a 3D printer would probably make a pretty penny selling those on eBay. Oddly enough I have 6 Remco Mini Monster Creatures and none of them have lost their feet (and I even played very heavily with two of them as a kid). But from what I see on eBay it seems an awful lot of them are missing feet.

aura of foreboding

Easy job on a 3D printer for sure!

I have had to superglue mine twice!   Zombie Mad

Mike Scott

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