MST3K Vol. XXXV coming March 29, 2016

Started by Count_Zirock, January 22, 2016, 07:20:48 AM

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MST3K: Volume XXXV
As the excitement justifiably mounts for the sexy new MST3K, let us not forget the classic MST3K that kept us warm and fed for many years. When we first scraped our knees on the sidewalk of cheesy movies, it was there to patch us up with inspired riffing. When we were too scared to face bikers, knockoff spies, process shots and rubber-suited monsters, it was MST3K that took us by the hand and made us feel safe in its soft blanket of loving mockery. We were raised by ten seasons of cable comedy genius, and there's still plenty more classics to enjoy. Case in point: the four never-before-released episodes in this collection, including a triple play from Uncle Roger Corman. Joel, Mike and their robot compadres Crow and Tom serve it up old school in this delirious celebration of cinema's cracks and seams – like-old-times.

Titles Include:

Teenage Cave Man
Being From Another Planet (aka Time Walker)
12 To The Moon
Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell
"That's either a very ugly woman or a very pretty monster." - Lou Costello