Frankenstein Speaker Dimensions

Started by swatson, August 23, 2018, 04:24:29 PM

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Hi all. I am looking at building a replica Frankenstein Speaker. The Repops seem crazy expensive to me (I'm probably younger then most so the original value isn't as high to me as simply having a really neat Frankenstein Speaker). I think the speaker is cool so I figured I would take a stab at building a 3D model of it and having it 3D printed maybe even for molding to get a more polished finish. Was also thinking about building a lighted Speaker as well. I was wondering if some one would be kind enough to give me the height, width, and depth (from nose to back of head) of the speaker so I can use it for reference. Any help would be much appreciated. If I'm successful and get all the necessary info I may look at offering the file so other people can enjoy the speaker as well.

Thanks in advance.