Started by Anton Phibes, August 30, 2017, 05:47:40 PM

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Anton Phibes

WATCH IT BEFORE THEY YANK IT DOWN. This 40 minutes is better than the Tim Burton thing by far. Not as good as the 1990 reboot though.


aura of foreboding

When I saw the pilot, I kept thinking, "Wow.  What a great story."  I also was thinking, "Wow.  What horrible interpretations of these characters."  I liked the acting from Barnabas and Vicki, for the most part, but the rest of the cast...  It was kind of bad, maybe not all the actors' faults.  Maybe it was the script.  Either way, the characters were totally wrong.  I didn't really want to learn more about any of them aside from Vicki and Barnabas.  But the plot...  Wow.  Really well done.  Had they kept this script for the Burton flick, combined with the actors in the Burton film, I think we could have had something really memorable.  But when SGS got ahold of that movie script, it all went to hell.  Where is that guy now anyway?  I don't hear too much about him or even his Magnum Opus, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or whatever it was.  Such a shame they handed a project like Shadows to a guy who never understood what the story was about in the first place and who turned out to be little more than a passing phase in the entertainment industry.  I am sure had they stuck with the original script, we would all still  be talking fondly about this film today.  Even better?  Had they gone with the story from this pilot.  Alas... No such luck.  Gotta wait for the next reboot in a few years.


Thanks Anton. This was worth a look, & I wonder how it would've evolved had it been given a green light. True there were some glaring flaws, but I sensed a serious, respectful effort, a far cry from Burton's wasted opportunity.
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Hard to judge a unfinished version of an unaired pilot, but I'm not sure we lost anything of note when WB passed on this. I think had it gone to series it would have wound up similar to The Vampire Diaries, just a few year early.