Your Greatest Super Heroes ever!

Started by Mego Stretch Hulk, January 01, 2015, 10:52:27 AM

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Mego Stretch Hulk

It's now 2015 and superheroes are bigger than ever. Since the dawn of Superman in 1938, comic fans across the globe have read in awe and watched these men and women battle the forces of evil that we couldn't. But who are the best and brightest of these heroes that have influenced me? Shaped my reality? Shaped my dreams? Some are flawed, some are ruthless, some are naively optimistic, and some are just so freaking cute that I couldn't help myself. But every single character that I will list in this write up has certainly earned their keep within my heart. While some heroes I chose might be a no brainer, I'm betting some may even shock you, either way; it'll surely entice and intrigue you. Ladies and gents I give you My Top 30 Greatest Super Heroes EVER!!!
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Awesome list! I'm glad you didn't just focus on comic book heroes, but included some of the cartoon heroes, especially the H-B ones.

But....what about Multiple Man from the Impossibles??  :)
Supernatural, perhaps; baloney, perhaps not.

geezer butler

Since this is in the Television section, I'll list my fav TV super heroes:


Kato (from Green Hornet)


Batman '66

Giant Robo (from Johnny Sokko)