My artwork at this years Universal Studios Orlando: Halloween Horror Nights

Started by John Febonio, September 02, 2021, 05:39:36 PM

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John Febonio

Universal Studios Orlando - Halloween Horror Nights 30th Anniversary

I was hired to do several pieces of artwork for this year's tribute store at Universal Studios: Orlando: Halloween Horror Nights.  If you are heading there this season be sure to stop by and a check out the exhibit.
I painted six portraits of their Icon characters; Jack The Clown, The Storyteller, The Usher, The Director, Chance, and The Caretaker.
Here is a link to a good walkthrough video

Mike Scott

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Sir Masksalot

Well, I saw what looked like illuminated portraits starting at 5:00 in. Were those yours? Wow, what a store.
It looks more like a haunted attraction. 'Great soundtrack running through it too, thought I heard Renfield's
distinctive laugh towards the end. I hope we get something like this here at Universal CA. Thanks, Mr F.

John Febonio