Monster Beach Towels

Started by michblk, February 03, 2008, 07:44:26 PM

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In the late 80's Spencers Gifts had horror/suspense film towels. Although not Universal Horrors, they were nice poster reproductions of Psycho and King Kong that I recall.  My grandma Carrie bought me the Psycho beach towel. Also, this is the same lady who bought me my first offical iron on t-shirt at the mall when I was a kid--Frankenstein! lol  They were really cool beach towels and they might pop up on eBay or something. I have mine at work in storage for safe keeping.  I'll have to photograph it one day soon.  They're pretty cool. I remember taking that beach towel to the ocean and I just recall one particular beachgoer walking up towards the boardwalk where we were beachin' it.  She sees my towel staggers and moves a few steps left away from my towel and continues her walk to the boardwalk.  We busted out laughing and quickly assumed that the old Psycho beach towel had a beachgoer freaked out.
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  Hi, I am new to this forum and have enjoyed reading up on all the posts and seeing familiar faces from other forums. What a great site this is. Just curious as to what kind of frame can you use in order to display a towel. I recently returned from Florida and purchased a Nightmare Before Christmas towel for my 3 year old which has beautiful artwork and I refuse to use it as a towel. Any info or pictures is appreciated. Thanks!


Hello kklloo and welcome to the UMA! Glad to have you on board here. My advice would be to consider using a poster frame. These can be found at various craft stores and maybe even Target or WalMart? I'm talking about a relatively cheap "ready to use" frame; not the kind where you would have to purchase all the parts and assemble it. That kind of frame could add up quickly. Hope this helps some.
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