Somebody got a great deal....and I find myself sick to my stomach....

Started by Anton Phibes, November 23, 2008, 12:15:55 AM

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If I find a Stretch Armstrong Stretch Monster at a rummage sale I won't sell it even for 10,000 dollars. Unless of course little Jimmy needed an operation etc.I suppose I'd rather sell one thing for that much than the whole rest of my collection for a lot less. But I wouldn't sell it so I could buy other monster stuff. As far as that other issue goes (the box) even the two hundred dollar stuff is out of my league so it doesn't matter to me who buys the stuff. I had to raise Lazarus to justify buying a repro Big Frankie. Hunted and despised, I live by the law of the jungle - I keep my eyes and ears open and leave no stone unturned. I like it that way. If I had a ton of money to just buy everything it wouldn't be as much fun. I'm easy to outbid, and have been so many times on items I really liked too,  I've just learned to play that way. Other times I may outsmart them the way Bobby mentioned or get lucky and sneak out a good one! I do have a fair collection. But I kind of expect the high rollers to buy up most the good stuff and I really don't care how much they resell it for or what they do with the money. They owe me nothing. If I wanted to make it a priority I could sell all my guitars and out mega-bid everyone on a few things but that's my choice. Would I get more pleasure out of that than finding a five dollar Motionette (Large!) at a thrift store? I guess I'll never know (but I doubt it). Interesting discussion, just throwing in my two Abraham Linksausages.

Universal Steve

I agree with Roback. I collect for the fun of it and not to make money. None of my collection is for sale except for the few times I might get a double of something I forgot I had but then sell it for the price I paid so I can break even. I am a hopeless Universal Monster collector. I can't stop collecting but always in the name of the hobby and not for profit.
Universal Steve


I do understand how Anton and Roback feel but the bottom line is somebody got a great deal.  It looks like they are a collector and may have turned the item and made a great profit or buy something else.  When they re-sold the item, they didn't artificially inflate any prices or deceive anybody.  They basically got very very lucky.  I don't necessarily think this person represents anything bad about eBay.  Just a very lucky person.

I think it's ok to feel a bit jealous about this but it's a case of him beating us to an awesome deal...

And for the record, I collect Aurora kits and have a built up Big Frankie but not box.  I would have loved to have scored this!!

One potential plus is that with the Moebius Models Big Frankie out, prices on vitage Frankies will probably go down.


I need to ask a general question - how do you (meaning anyone) think that items make it to ebay anyway? If not from their own collection of stuff, they buy it somewhere else (yard sale, flea market, auction) and post it on ebay.  The same way many knick-knack and "collectibles" dealers get inventory for their shops. This is exactly the same situation. And if someone buys something at a low price and finds a collector willing to pay a higher price, well, god bless capitalism!
A few years ago I strolled into a yard sale and bought a box of Major Matt Mason items - figures, vehicles, accessories - for 3 bucks. I don't collect Major Matt Mason, but I sure as heck recognized their value! I didn't try to gouge anybody, but made a decent profit from people who were happy to get the pieces for their collection. And as was mentioned, THAT money went into things I like - Aurora, most likely!


I don't blame the buyer/re-seller one bit. It's a very common practice in many places other than Ebay. I frequent a huge outdoor market during the spring/summer. If you're not at the place when doors open, all the dealers buy ther other dealers stuff then resell it at a markup or hoard it for Ebay...

This guy found an insane deal and took advantage of it. I can't blame him there as I have done similar in the past to help fund my collection...


Yeah, I don't think there was any wrong doing here at all.  In fact, if it had been me, I'd have resold it for sure as I don't need a big Frankie box.  But, heres the thing.  If I won the BIN for, what was it $15, then posted on the board that I had it and just wanted to see a fellow board member get it for the same price I paid I'd be flooded with emails and PMs offering more then $15.  So its basically the same thing here except w/ eBay fees.


If I didn't buy and sell, I wouldn't have a collection in the first place.  I don't make the kind of $ to have a hobby along with my family expenses.  I gotta say, I don't really have an issue with this. 

Anton Phibes

I think I  inadvertently started a "hate all flippers" thread.  So lemme clarify.  ;) I wanted the box.  I didn't see it for $15.  The person I am upset with The reason I got sickened was because it "got away".  I didn't see this in time to snag it.  The only thing that makes it worse (in my opinion) is it didn't go to somebody who was going to hug it squeeze it and call it George. They will be hugging and squeezing George Washingtons instead. LOL!  But that's their right.  Who knows, I still might've gotten irked if my mom had bought it for $15. Just because it "got away". I honestly cannot say.

But I have nothing against the guy who bought it and flipped it.  He'd be stupid not to.  I just scored a Glenn Strange Frankenstein puzzle for $5 at the flea market a month or so ago.  I sold it for $55.  I didn't exactly want it, but knew it had to be worth at least $5.  I used the money to pay bills.  I understand that sometimes being in this hobby can have perks as well as pits.  But missing a $15 mint big frankie box is definitely the pits. ;D

But once again, the reason I am sickened is I am upset I missed it.  But since it only existed for a window of 5 minutes, I cannot really be too upset at my "slothfulness".  Because it might've all come into play while I was away from the house anyway.  If you mods wanna lock this thread up, be my guest.  It wasn't my intention to sick villagers and torches after ebay sellers.  I just wanted to cry about my discovery for a second or two. 8)


I think we all understand how you feel.  It's easy for us to say "It's ok" when it's not us.  I know this has happend to me a few times and, in all honesty, I was so f#)$**!(*at*) upset.  It is very frustrating to want something as badly as we often do just to see someone buy and flaunt it (ok - sell it) on ebay.  It's like seeing some guy make out with your ex after she dumped you. 

OK, maybe not that bad but it really sucks.


I undertand that feeling, too.  If you are into collecting long enough, you see a lot of near misses and almost but not quites.  It all comes out in the long run, though, and I've found that things seem to have a way of balancing out.


Quote from: Getter_1 on November 25, 2008, 09:57:27 PM
It's like seeing some guy make out with your ex after she dumped you. 
My heart would go out to any poor sap making out with my ex ;)
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Don't get me stahted on the ex-wife - we'd have to take it to the Daily Affirmations thread! (shiver)

Monster Bob

Maybe a hunchback won the Frankenstein box, but could really use the money for his operation, much as he loves the box and wants to keep it. We must give the winner the benefit of the doubt.

The Spangler

 Or maybe he (the hunchback/buyer) needs the money to have his brain transplanted into the body of Larry Talbot, so he can get with Ilonka!  Couldn't blame him for that now, could we!  ;D


Or maybe hes going to use his winnings to out bid me on a mask >:(  But then I'll have extra money and just bid on another mask, but I'll end up out bidding someone here, then they will be mad and this cycle will continue over and over and over