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OOB Review - 1:1 Predator 2 Elder - Black Heart
« on: April 28, 2010, 08:25:21 PM »
This box arrived. Well, the delivery man actually had 2 boxes for me. TWO boxes my wife said, with that look of "wonder" in her eyes  :o. "Yes dear Zombie Blush" I said quietly, "I've been waiting for these". It wasn't much of an explanation, but she seemed resigned to the fact that the dining room table would be covered in resin pieces for some time. Vivien is actually VERY supportive, but it has been a big month for kit purchases. :)

The slightly smaller box of the two had Black Heart's 1:1 Thing From Another World in it and this box had the 1:1 Predator 2 Elder. I'm not a Predator "fanatic" like some :)  but I do like the movies and the Predator designs are superb. A modern classic monster. I admit having to ask George what sort of a Predator this was when I saw the sculpt and so my journey to the dark-side began as I started looking for pictures and references.

As George said "This kit is based on the Elder Predator, the Clan Leader that says, “Take it!” and then tosses the antique pistol to Danny Glover at the end of Predator 2". He takes up a whole minute (maybe?) of screen time. So how come he is so popular with kit builders and toy buyers?

I think it is an amazing kit at an equally amazing price. I hope the pics speak for themselves.

Predator 2 Elder
Sculptor - Joe Simon
Maker - Black Heart Enterprises
Casting - TBA (the pictured example was cast by Earthbound Studios)
Size - Just over 21 inches high from the top of the head to the bottom of the dreadlocks, 16 inches wide from dreads to dreads and a profile depth of about 8 1/2 inches.
Material - Head and 2 dreadlock sections are hollow cast resin. The remaining 41 parts are solid resin.
Parts - 44, but it isn’t as complicated as that sounds:
  • One part is the head;
  • Two parts are the dreadlocks which are cast in two large sections, one for the right side and one for the left;
  • Four parts are the mandibles (2 upper and 2 large lower);
  • Six parts are the teeth (2 upper and 4 lower);
  • Thirty parts are the quills that fit into thirty obvious indentations across the brow and along the jaw;
  • One part is the Predator logo nameplate.
Other inclusions - Double sided glossy Profile Sheet and an Assembly Sheet (both still in production).
Do I need anything else? - Maybe a heart defibrillator when you see the size of this!
Cost - $195 + $20 shipping in the USA. Overseas customers contact George for a shipping quote.
Email – Black Heart (George) at goblackheart(*at*)
Website -

Predator 2 (1990) Trailer

Joe Simon MAGIC! This is the 5th in the series for Black Heart and I'm extremely happy with all of them.
You can immediately see the ton of detail that Joe has sculpted in. Here are the 44 parts that make up the kit.

The dreadlocks are extremely well done. No "dead space" between the dreadlocks to worry about.
Check out all the detail on those dreads and the beads and bead string.

Tusks, teeth and cleanly cast quills. Very clean nameplate, but where is the "2"? I must ask George. :wink:

You'll notice a small gap under the neck section. If you are using eye hooks and picture wire on the
back, to hang your Predator, then this could work to your advantage as the bottom of the neck will
sit flat against the wall. If you are using metal or timber backing for mounting, it won't be noticeable.
You can also see the holes on the side of the head for more quills.

Blocks on either side help to locate the dreads correctly. You will need to do a little sanding to get
a perfect fit . On the pictures below, I've just pushed the dreads against the head. For a better fit,
I need to lift both dreads at their outside edges up about 1/4" so that the tops of the dreads move
under the protrusions on the skull. So maybe a bit more tinkering required.

Someone must want to see this!

Nothing to see here, just move along.......

Mandibles, tusks and teeth. I've only pushed the parts together with a little sculpey. They aren't glued.

There aren't any flat areas to paint. Maybe the back.......

You can see the holes in the brow for the quills.

I really couldn't decide which photo. No glue used here. The dreads are just pushed against the head and the teeth/tusks are pushed in with a little sculpey. I haven't attached the quills, yet.

To see a painted one check out Joe Dunaway's amazing work at the Clubhouse -
or over at his website for hi-res photos -
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