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First Things First: Setting Up Your Profile
« on: November 28, 2007, 10:24:30 PM »
After getting your registration situated, one of the first things you will want to do is set up your profile.  This will tell others more about you, and make some choices about how you want the forum to work for you as well.  If you would like, you can open this thread in a seperate window so you can refer back to it as you go.

First click on "Profile", which can be found under the UMA logo on the navigation bar at the top of every page.

On the left side, you will see another navigation toolbar with a heading called "Modify Profile".  This has several subheadings and those are where you go to make changes.  Note that you can modify it at any time, so don't worry if you leave something off for now, you can always come back to it later.  Below is an explanation of each subheading. 

ACCOUNT RELATED SETTINGS  - These are the most important settings for your UMA account.

Username:  This will display the username you selected when you signed up.
Show Others Your Online Status:  Select if you want other members to be able to tell when you are visiting the forum.
Choose Password:  Self explanatory, but this is also where you change your password if you want a new one.
Verify Password:  Same as Choose Password, but this ensures you typed it correctly.
Secret Question:  In case you lose your password and need to reset it, pick something others won't be able to answer.
Secret Question Answer:  The answer to your secret question. 
Current Password:  You must enter this in order to make changes to this section.

Then click CHANGE PROFILE after you are satisfied with your choices.

FORUM PROFILE INFORMATION - This section is for the information you choose to share with the forum about yourself.  All of this is totally optional.  You can fill it all out, leave it all blank, or pick and choose as you prefer.

Personal Picture - You don't have to choose one at all, but you can if you wish.  This is the small avatar picture that you'll find next to people's posts and under their username.  It can be a picture of you, or something you like, or whatever you want to represent yourself to the forum.  Feel free to change this as often as you like.  There are some pictures that are already on this site you can choose from, or you can use a picture you have stored on another site.  Please do not "hotlink" or enter the web address of a picture that you have not uploaded to the internet at a location you have control over (or someone you trust has done so for you).  This is an either/or choice, so either pick one, or enter a web address that goes to a gif or jpg file, or don't choose one at all.

Personal Text - This is just a place where you can put a few words that are displayed underneath your avatar picture.

Birthdate - Tell us your birthday so we can congratulate you when it comes around.

Location - Let us know where you live, so other members in your area can get to know you better.

Gender - This will help everyone know whether to call you Sir or Madame or some variation thereof.  There are only 2 choices here so if you don't fit into either, you can choose the closest or leave it blank.

ICQ/AIM/MSN/YIM - These areas are for you to enter your instant messaging ID's so members who use that type of instant messaging can contact you.  Again, totally optional.

Signature - Whatever you put here will appear underneath all of your posts, in a seperate area.  Enter a favorite quote, or a link to your website or blog., or just sign your name.  Please only use text signatures, no graphics.

Website Title - If you have a website, what's the name of it?

Website Address - The web address of your website.

When you are finished updating this section, click CHANGE PROFILE before going on.

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Re: First Things First: Setting Up Your Profile
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2007, 07:25:36 PM »
LOOK AND LAYOUT PREFERENCES -  This section is to customize how the UMA board looks to you. 

Time Format:  Select the way you want date and time information displayed.
Time Offset:  If you click Auto Detect, it will try to change forum time to the time in your area.  If it misses, you can change it manually in this area.  I'm in the Central time zone, and my time offset is (-6).  That means 6 hours earlier than default forum time.  Eastern is -5, Mountain is -7, and Pacific is -8. 

Check Boxes:

*Show board descriptions inside boards.  - If you check this box, the text describing each forum will appear at the top of any forum you are viewing.  The board description for this forum is "Need help getting adjusted to the army? Still stuck on Yahoo? This is the place for sharing information and asking questions!".  If you want that to show at the top of each forum, check that box.
*Show child boards on every page inside boards, not just the first.  -  At present, we have no child boards.
*Don't show users' avatars.  -  If pages are loading slowly for you, or you find the little pictures next to each post distracting, check this box and they will disappear.
*Don't show users' signatures.  -  Check this and the signature lines beneath posts will go away.
*Return to topics after posting by default.  - After you post a reply or a topic, you are normally taken to the board.  If you want to be taken back to the topic you were posting in instead, click this option.
*Don't warn on new replies made while posting.  - There is a small box that will appear to warn you if someone made a post while you were posting.  If you like this popup warning, don't click this box.  If it makes you crazy, check this box and it will stop pestering you.
*Show most recent posts at the top.  -  This inverts the forum from the normal way it's read.  Can be confusing...  or make more sense if you are upside down.
*Show most recent personal messages at top. -  This will pull your most recent PM's to the top on your PM page.  Not a bad way to do it.

*First day of the week on the calendar:  Self-explanatory
*Use quick reply on topic display:  This is a small post box that will appear at the bottom of all threads so you don't have to click reply in order to bring up the reply box.  Can be very handy, and you can bypass it by clicking the regular reply button.