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Places in Philly area to get models
« on: April 09, 2010, 02:29:55 PM »
Hi - I have found 3 stores in the Philly area to buy model kits. They are in Broomall, Lansdale and Secane. I found another one in Norristown but it is not even worth mentioning. I know you can google hobby shops, but most of them do not even sell figure or sci-fi models. If they sell models at all. A lot are just train shops. You can't google mobious or Polar Light stores.
Anyways, I have bought the following models at these stores...

The Witch (PL)
Phantom of the opera (PL)
Land of the Giants spacecraft (PL)
Land of the Giants Snake Scene (PL)
The Creature (PL)
Frankenstein (Mobious)
War of the Worlds (Pegasus)
Alien Spacecraft (Pegasus)

I've also seen

Moe (PL)
Lost in space chariot (M)
Lost in space pod (M)
Lost in space cyclops (PL)
Seaview sub
Mummy (M)
Invisible Man (M)
Some Planet of the Apes
Some Star Trek
Spock with the 3 headed snake
And a bunch more I'm sure I forgot.

I'm throwing this info out there in hope of starting a thread where people can post local resources that they have found. I for one would like to know where I can find any more stores in my area.

Anyone has any questions about what I found, let me know.

Thanks - John


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