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Tragic news from Indiannapolis. John McGarr was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver yesterday. He and his brother Eban were there to attend Maskfest. My heart goes out to Eban.

John McGarr  (1964-2010)

mike c:
Terrible, terrible news. So sorry for his family. Damn.

This is miserably tragic news.  I'm so sorry to hear it.  My sympathy to his family and friends.  Things this sadly unfair should happen to no one.

John was crossing the street on his way to lunch when a drunk driver rounded the corner and hit him.
John was a very good friend.  I met him in 1999 and he, his brother Eben, and I have always had a good time together.  John always encouraged me to push the envelope.  He did it and did it well with HOUSE OF THE WOLFMAN.
I will alwyas remeber John and cherish that friendship.  He was a gentle giant with a very kind heart!

This is tragic.  What a waste.  I could go into it in more detail in the MaskFest thread, but it seemed like there was a "bad moon" hanging over Indianapolis all weekend.  It didn't stop people from having fun, but it was there. 


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