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Relational Resin Conflict


I would like to remind certain members that we will not tolerate any direct, or indirect relational conflict to be played out publicly here at the forum. I know everyone is not going to like everyone all of the time, or even some of the time, BUT .. please refrain from inflammatory comments which only result in disrupting the entire community. TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!

I would also point out that this model forum will not play host to the endless and tiresome battle of recasters vs non-recasters. This venomous and toxic warfare has already ruined the garage kit hobby in more ways than recasting models has ever done. And now it's beginning to ruin and trash hobby forums too. As I said, it's toxic and it will NOT be allowed inside this forum! I don't care who's right, and who's wrong! What I care about is the UMA and keeping it clean and enjoyable for everyone!

This is your only warning. If this warning goes unnoticed, the mods will either place you on a moderated basis or remove you from the forum altogether. You will receive your dishonorable discharge papers, and your life will be ruined. If you feel you can't restrain yourself regarding the resin recasting controversy, and would willingly like to be placed on a moderated basis, please ask one of mods and we will be happy to assist you.

I would also point out the "Report To Moderator" link in the lower right hand corner of any post. Please don't hesitate to use it if you feel there is a problem, rather than engage the member directly or in public view.

This announcement is not open for discussion.

Respectfully, Terry.
The General of the UMA.

Bump for reminder. See above post. Reminders are a courtesy. Terminations are terminal. Please remember this.

[admin]Once again, it is necessary to bump this thread as another reminder that the UMA will not play host for any resin relational controversy. It is not the scope, or focus of this forum anymore than it is the role of our moderators to play "resin police." Take it somewhere else or leave. Yawn.[/admin]


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