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Politics, Religion, and Other Passions...
« on: May 22, 2009, 10:41:51 PM »
We as a society are very passionate about our beliefs. We love to argue and debate them.  That is why the media focuses on divisive topics.  People on all sides will listen or watch to have their opinions validated, or to become outraged at the opinions of others.  It's an easy way to gain an audience.

The UMA is not about any of that.  We can be passionate about Van Helsing or "slasher films, yes or no" or the color of Frankenstein, but where these other topics are concerned, we are a shelter from that storm.  People mention their faith from time to time here, usually in context of something else.  We certainly don't wish to prohibit that, but ask that everyone respect the beliefs of others.  What you believe may be "fact" to you, but it's not a "fact" and stating it as such is dismissive and rude to the beliefs of others.  "I believe in God" or "I don't believe in god" is fine.  "God exists and you are wrong" or "There is no god" is not.  And it's better when we don't even go there.  It doesn't accomplish anything and if you are wanting to convert others to your belief system, realize that arguing about it on a discussion board is almost certainly going to have the opposite effect. 

Politics have become so sharply divided that it's something we ask you to avoid completely.  It simply doesn't have a place here.  There are many places on the internet for that, and you can do it there.  We want to spend our energy and time on positive things for the UMA, and moderate as little as possible.  Monsters and horror movies, that's what this army is about. 

Everyone is expected to conduct themselves as an adult, but we all have lapses at times.  Monster fans are a diverse group of people and there are many quirky characters in our monster kid family.  We practice and urge tolerance, but will not allow our community to be abused.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

The General, Administrators, and Moderators of the UMA


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