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Custom and repro boxes/cards to order
« on: January 03, 2008, 06:54:58 PM »
Some know that I do custom and repro boxes but thought I'd do an intro on the classifieds just for the heck of it.

The beginning of it all was the desire to make restored clones of my worn and faded Mego Mad Monster boxes.

When I was a kid, catching Star Trek and the afternoon monster movies. In a corner drug store was a lone solid box Mad Monster Mummy. The art on that box sent my imagination into overdrive, the swirling green/yellow "atmosphere" behind the Mummy, The Mummy reaching for you, the red eye! It almost didn't matter what was inside that box. Anyway, I saved my allowance and got the Mummy. I loved the figure and he got to menace the crew of the Enterprise on the bridge playset a few times (my justification was a Star Trek comic that had the crew dealing with space mummies!).

I obeyed the box and cut on the dotted line to get my Mad Monster card (and the rest of the box got swolloed up over time, as well as the cut out card). I never saw the other monster figures until I became a collector.

When I became a collector, that art on those boxes was even more treasured. I finally saw the art for Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolfman up close (as opposed to little postage stamp samples on the side of the Mummy box). And I thought I wish I could've seen these babies just off the printing press.

So, when the technology became available to me, I scanned my dear old boxes in the computer and fixed them up, fixed thier color up and gave them a makeover. Beringing color, crispness and brightness back to the Mad Monster art was a longtime dream, finally fulfilled.

Over time I learned that Mad Monsters not only came in solid boxes, but also window boxes and long (kresge style) cards (they also came later on a more generic card that demphasised the great artwork)

So I do a wide range of boxes for Mego and other figures, custom and repro but it all began for these:

Solid Mad Monster box repros:

soon to be reworked into window box repros:

and long (Kresge) style cards:

If you have any interest in these or other repro/custom stuff, email me at my mego73(*at*) address.

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Re: Custom and repro boxes/cards to order
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2008, 07:31:03 PM »

I know I've said this in another thread - but believe me, from first-hand knowledge, Mike's repros are just amazing.

We are NOT talking '90's era, color-xerox & Elmer's, here.

-Craig W.