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Savage Eye Frankenstein Mask
« on: February 14, 2023, 02:23:34 AM »
Here are a couple of pictures of a newer Frankenstein sculpt by mask legend Charles Curtis of “Savage Eye Masks” fame.  Charles has an interesting sculpting style and a unique perspective of the classic monsters.

I recently had this piece finished by talented artist Viso Morte and was quite pleased with how he came out. Frankie still needs to have his hair done and styled.  I think he will look great with hair.

Charles Curtis is now 90 years old and still producing some very cool masks. He is a very kind and special person. Charles is a true artist and a gentleman.

Thank you for checking out the pictures.

Frankie seems to like his new "Creature Features" WGN Chicago T-shirt.  ;) I grew up watching this Classic Horror program in the early 1970's. It featured one of the coolest intros with all the classic Universal Monsters.

"Creature Features" Intro from WGN Chicago Channel 9 - This is an accurate recreation as sadly now all the original footage is lost.

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Spinal Remains

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Re: Savage Eye Frankenstein Mask
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2023, 05:33:37 AM »
thats really cool  8), i have a vintage one & a newer one they did:

Savage Eye Frankenstein 1978:

Savage Eye Frankenstein newer one (i painted & haired this one ) :

i had this one from 2014 but sold it  :'( :

Sir Masksalot

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Re: Savage Eye Frankenstein Mask
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2023, 08:17:37 AM »
'Fun pics, gents. It's good to know that Mr Curtis is still making masks. That new Frankenstein is his best version yet.
We had "Creature Features" here out west, F'455. The only intro I recall is a skull sinking into a slime pit. Tasty, huh?


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Re: Savage Eye Frankenstein Mask
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2023, 02:56:06 AM »
Thanks so much for the kind comments Spinal Remains and Sir Masksalot.

You have some nice Savage Eye pieces Spinal.  Charles definitely has a unique and personal sculpting style.  I especially like his Frankenstein masks.

That is interesting that “Creature Features” was not just isolated to the Midwest but was also out west.  I found this fun clip of Barbara Feldon “Agent 99” doing a promo for the Pittsburg, Pa - Chiller Theatre program.

Those were such great times for us young Classic Monster lovers.  cl:)




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