Author Topic: Universal Monsters by Illusive Concepts. My Collection & More! [Lots of Pics]  (Read 1124 times)


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Thanks “Spinal Remains” for the great post and cool photos.   I have always been a fan of some of the Illusive Concepts' Universal Masks.  I have a few of their pieces but not many. My best piece is this Boris Karloff Frankenstein mask.  It was a foamed master mold bust that I acquired from Jeff Kein of “Death Studios" fame.  It is a huge mask that is super heavy and thick latex with quality detail.

The finishing was done by the incredibly talented Peter Murphy with the beautiful hair-work completed by the “Maskahuna”. They both magically made this piece come to life.

I sent the late Henry Alvarez photos of this mask when it was first completed many years ago. Henry told me that Peter did one of the best original concepts and paint designs of the “Frankenstein Monster”.

It is a neat piece and shows that the IC sculptures were capable of a lot more than their mass produced masks reflected.

Thanks for checking out the pictures.     





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Wow! Looks incredible.
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