Author Topic: Operation MC4 ~ DP's "highbrow" PHANTOM  (Read 555 times)

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Operation MC4 ~ DP's "highbrow" PHANTOM
« on: August 10, 2022, 11:01:55 AM »

Ask which are my favorite DPS/Universal masks and a list of top five would include Phantom "MC4" >


All our local magic shops carried them >


One could even be spotted as a walkaround on Universal Studios Tour >

Its first production run lasted into the early 1970s during which I scored my first copy >

Within a year or two, DPS changed its paint scheme to pale flesh tones. Here's a rare glimpse
of the mask in production at Post Studios, mid 1970s >

Sensing its time in DP's catalog was running out, I got another copy >


It fit like a glove ... and so did the gloves >

The character returned to production in 1983, its finishing work fairly consistent
throughout the edition which ended after '86 >

A short run of five dozen copies was produced in 1989 but they were cast
barely thick enough to support the weight of their hair fibre >


That was the last time the "highbrow" Phantom saw licensed production at Post Studios.
Today there remain three copies in my collection, one of which is still wearable >


If you have one as well, do reply with pics. The "MC4" Phantom is one of those masks
that really benefits from custom re-finishing. They didn't always look that great on store shelves ...

... but once you got them home and applied new paint and eye inserts, you'd have
a showpiece that any wax museum would covet for their chamber of horrors >



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Re: Operation MC4 ~ DP's "highbrow" PHANTOM
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Re: Operation MC4 ~ DP's "highbrow" PHANTOM
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Thanks again Sir Masksalot for the always informative posts. This is my high-brow Phantom beautifully finished by the Tharp's.  I have always loved this mask since I was a young lad.


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