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Re: Kooky Spookys
« Reply #180 on: October 24, 2021, 02:00:13 AM »
Just talked to Scott, who has the original film I sent him. He's locating it now. Once he sends it back to me, I'm going to have it remastered. Can't wait to see the color corrected, sharpened end product!

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Re: Kooky Spookys
« Reply #181 on: October 24, 2021, 03:15:35 AM »
Those UMA members on Facebook might like to check out my "Kooky Spooky" Page over there (I should have made it a Group but, at the time of its creation, we didn't realise that FB Pages were changing to be more suited to commercial ventures).

Member Rob Bone was inspired by my Fimo custom characters (based on four of Patti Peticolas' unused designs). Since he only had one original accessory (Mama Kaskit's flower) in his own collection, he decided to make replacement accessories (watch, parasol, banjo and "Boo" sign) and then added two original characters, Grandpa Macreak, and a cute ghost dog he has named Boneyard! He put up pics this week!
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