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Universal Monsters Drinking Glasses (Halloween Horror Nights)

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Saw these on Twitter, but haven't really seen them anywhere else online. Apparently they have new Universal Monsters drinking glasses at Universal Studios amusement parks. I've seen some other Universal Monsters merchandise, mostly featuring Frankenstein, in time for their annual Halloween Horror Nights event but these are what I'm most interested in. Hopefully they either list them in their online store, or they show up on ebay for a decent price.

aura of foreboding:
Gorgeous glass!  I hope they put it in their online store!

Mike Scott:

--- Quote from: TheMadScientist on August 29, 2021, 01:59:18 AM ---I think they're pretty cool, so hopefully they either list them in their online store,

--- End quote ---

Where is their online store?

Anton Phibes:
When someone learns more info: POST IT!!!!!! I  MUST OWN ONE!!!!


--- Quote from: Mike Scott on August 29, 2021, 02:13:36 AM ---Where is their online store?

--- End quote ---

If you click on "Shop By Brands" at the top, they also have a few Universal Monsters things, but nothing I'm particularly interested in. I hope they add the glasses to the Halloween Horror Nights section at some point.


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