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Re: Summer Projects
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Btw, do you collect  monster stuff??  I dont recall you ever posting anything from your collection?

All your long winded response....

Please accept my sincere apology for having directly addressed a question you asked.

All your long winded response did was just reinforced what I already thought😂.

In other words you'll continue to insist that I don't collect any monster "stuff" simply because I don't collect precisely the same stuff you do.

All im seeing is model kits and trading cards btw. Where  are your Universal Monster toys? ...I dont see any in your collection besides the wallets.

I thought it would be appropriate to post mainly pictures of the cabinets where I keep my model collection since this is after all the model forum. But since you insist here are pictures of some other monster stuff from my collection:

I have dozens and dozens of Warren magazines, Gorgo and other horror comics. I've posted scans of these in many other threads.

I know that all the pictures of my monster stuff above won't convince you that I collect enough monster stuff, but other people actually appreciate pictures from my collection.

Unlike some posters here though, I'm a type of item (e.g. board games) as opposed to a character (e.g. Creature from the Black Lagoon) collector. Overall I'd describe myself as a collector of four main types of items - (1) model kits, (2) comics and magazines, (3) bubble gum cards and (4) board games and other toys including lunch boxes. I'd also love to add some of the Marx figures, MPC Pop-Top related monster items, Hamilton Invaders sets, a King Zor, an Odd Ogg and an Ideal Haunted Mansion to my collection of cool kids' stuff. Money though has been really tight for me in recent years and it keeps getting tighter. Quite simply I'm getting old.

You criticize action figure sculpts and other toys....

Nonsense! Demonstrate your prowess with the SEARCH function and show me even two places where I've criticized action figures or monster toys. When I've no interest in a thread, I simply post about something else in another thread.

I dont know which stuff is yours because half of of the pictures aren't yours in that thread.

Nonsense. I'm almost invariably considerate enough to identify the items from my own collection as such.

Whenever you are called out for being a You know What,  you always act "shocked and bewildered".

Yes, because I never "call people out" for being whatever. I may pointedly disagree with opinions they've expressed, but I don't engage in character assassination of other board members.

Man, try that on someone else. You know what you are doing.

Well that's a first. I've often been criticized for not knowing what I'm doing, but this is the first time I've been criticized for knowing what I'm doing. There's a first time for everything I guess.

If you're gonna be like that, just be like that and own it. I do.

Well what I'm like is being all about the kids' stuff that captured my imagination from about 1958 to 1966. I'm "shocked and bewildered" if that's a problem for anyone.

For whatever reason you seem to think that my likes and tastes should mirror your own. Why? It would be a pretty boring world if we were all the same.


Btw, Sorry for hyjacking the tnread Palifan.

You know it's bad enough when you don't know what you're talking about, but not even knowing whom you're talking about takes the cake. Kyledlong was the thread starter here.

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Collecting! It's what I do!


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