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« Reply #225 on: February 24, 2021, 09:08:43 AM »
Having never been an avid reader of Creepy or Eerie comics, I mainly recognized the two horror hosts
as really cool Don Post masks. They haven't been catalogued together since the 1970s >

All my favorite shops carried them back then, displayed singly and as a team. Can you make out that price tag? Only $14.95!


They were produced with the same quality as DP's high-end masks but retailed for less than half as much.
By summer of 1975, I'd adopted my first pair >


Additional copies of each character moved in later on. For years to come, we were just one big happy family.

Sir Masksalot

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« Reply #226 on: March 10, 2021, 12:29:46 AM »

Last Sunday I scored a few masks from the estate sale of our late friend Gory Glenn.
One was his ToTS Beast of Blood which I now consider one of the top three scariest masks in my collection!


Back in the 1990s Paper Magic Group offered a line of masks depicting Universal's classic monsters >

Glenn had the good taste to acquire a few of them including The Mummy, my favorite of the series.
His copy now resides in my collection. That thing on top that looks like a visor is actually its attached header card
showing the Universal Monsters logo, care and safety info, and the retail price: only $14.99 >


There was one more mask score from the weekend, related to the above character, which I think was
one of Glenn's prized pieces. I can't reveal it just yet because it's getting sent off for a custom finish.
Once completed, I'll check back in to scare you with it!


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« Reply #227 on: March 10, 2021, 09:38:39 AM »
Sorry to hear of his passing, I was not aware of that.


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