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The Lindberg monster models!

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Following in the path blazed by Aurora, Lindberg Models issued its own line of me-too monster model kits in 1965 - the Mad Mangler, Green Ghoul, Krimson Terror and the Creeping Crusher.

But just two main pieces? I guess they weren't particularly challenging to assemble anyway....


They look cool but I don't remember ever seeing them back then.Thanks for the pics Hep.

Rex fury:
Iíll second that Iíve never seen these guys either! Theyíre cool looking, especially the creature-like figure. Are they pretty rare today?

Sir Masksalot:
I don't know who painted the figures in that last image but they look better than the box art!


--- Quote from: Rex fury on May 16, 2019, 05:01:11 PM ---Are they pretty rare today?
--- End quote ---

Yes, they're rare indeed these days and can fetch a pretty price. They just weren't very popular when issued so not many were produced. As a result they're very tough to find now.



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