Author Topic: Question about the Classic Collection VHS tapes.  (Read 177 times)


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Question about the Classic Collection VHS tapes.
« on: February 13, 2019, 01:53:14 AM »
So, over the past year I've been collecting the whole set of Classic Collection VHS tapes. I just love the covers. And once I finally got my own monster nerd room decided to start gathering them to use as display pieces. And I've just about got the whole set. But in my search I've noticed that some are considerably harder to find, and a select few are insanely higher priced. And I'm just wondering if anybody has literally any idea why.

For example, I've seen the Spanish Dracula range from $13 to $40, same for Invisible Agent, and most shockingly The Invisible Woman from $13(which is what I literally just paid for mine) up to  $99. More specifically though, right now there is only one copy of The Invisible Woman on eBay that is below $50. And I don't understand how or why.

Is it some sort of weird scarcity? Were certain movies produced in smaller quantities? I assumed that might be the case for the Spanish Dracula. But my mind boggles at why anybody would pay or charge those kinds of prices for The Invisible Woman of all things. Though not even including The Invisible Woman, I definitely noticed a trend of the Invisible Man movies are being harder to find and just more expensive in general.
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