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A Visit With Mr. Poe
« on: June 02, 2018, 01:49:53 PM »
Went down to Baltimore's inner harbor for my granddaughters graduation from Loyola University Md. Just a short 5 block walk from our hotel is the cemetery where Edgar Alan Poe is buried.Not going to miss this chance to visit, my wife,son and myself took the short walk to the small cemetery during a misty rainy Friday.
IMG_5584 by Jeffrey Allen, on Flickr
In the back of the cemetery is Poe's original burial plot before being moved to the front.
IMG_5590 by Jeffrey Allen, on Flickr
IMG_5587 by Jeffrey Allen, on Flickr
Very surprised we were the only one's in the entire cemetery during early afternoon.A bit spooky with the misty rain and walking thru the narrow paths to the rear of the place.Glad we went during our downtime before the main event.There was a graduation too!
IMG_5591 by Jeffrey Allen, on Flickr


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