Author Topic: Marvel Phase 3 is leaving me....uninterested thus far.  (Read 3210 times)


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Re: Marvel Phase 3 is leaving me....uninterested thus far.
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I read comics as a kid-during a comics reading nostalgia binge a couple years back. Being a Spider-man fan  I even sent a letter to Steve Ditko, but the movies, especially by Disney-Marvel, I gave up on them after Avengers 2. One of these days I will probably watch Ant Man and Civil War but  I am in no hurry.

They have some great ideas for FX action scenes but most of the time make them forgettable.
By contrast I never get bored with Robocop or Superman the movie.
I watched the Adventures of Captain Marvel 1941 recently-that should be the template for doing a good comic book superhero movie. No fluff, mostly action and fun.

With all the modern fx, they forget how to make them fun.
 Beyond that, I think there desperately needs to be new media companies offering something different in design and philosophy from the big companies which have so much money that domestic audience profits do not appear to matter.
I spend much of my time watching pre-90s movies for that reason.
There's an amusing mid 60s Italian superhero film The Fantastic Argoman which is worth checking out.
Have to watch that Turkish film with an evil Spider-man one of these days. 3 Dev Adam.