Author Topic: The Munsters pinball machine, March 2019  (Read 376 times)

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The Munsters pinball machine, March 2019
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:56:54 PM »
'Just read it about it today. Scheduled for mid-March 2019.

Munsters Pinball Game Instructions:

5 Major Shoot Areas Herman, Raven, Lily, Spooked & Grandpa
Munster Madness Complete 1 level of each area to lite Munster Madness
Raven Multiball Completing levels will lite Raven on the left ramp
Kitty Completing levels will lite Kitty
Playfield Multipliers The Kitty Target will advance the playfield Multipliers
Extra Ball Completing levels will eventually lite extra ball
Mystery Starting Munsters Madness will lite Mystery
Herman Multiball Hit Herman to start a hurry-up complete Hurry-Up to start multiball
Super Jackpot 9 ways to lite Super Jackpot. They stack. The more collected at once the more they are worth. HOLD zap button to CANCEL your award if you want to press your luck.
ZAP Button Mini-targets will blink the button for a short time. Hit button while blinking to charge your ZAP Meter. Collecting jackpots will lite ZAP JACKPOTS if you ZAP Meter is charged.