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Blue Demon, el Demonio Azul
« on: April 25, 2014, 08:40:22 PM »
I'm a day late, but yesterday would have been Mexican icon Blue Demon's 92nd birthday! Second only to el Santo, Blue was a legend in thew restling world. he also starred in something like 24 films and had a long running photo comic series as well as several traditionally drawn comic book series later on. Today his adopted son carries on the legacy wearing his father's iconic mask and wrestling as Blue Demon Jr. To celebrate Blue's belated birthday, here is his first starring film-the redundantly titled 1964 classic Blue Demon, el Demonio Azul which means Blue Demon the blue demon! No subtitles here but the story is simple enough to follow. A werewolf is prowling the foggy woods annd a Van Helsing type professor enlists Blue's help in tracking the beast down! The lycanthrope turns out to be the rfesult of a mad scientist rather than the traditional kind. Atmospheric black and white photography and creepy sets and locations plus some real knock down wolf vs masked hero brawls as well as a good musical score (which was heavily recycled in all of the mid 60s Filmica Vergara films) make this one of my favorite Mexican movies!
Crazy am I? We'll see if I'm crazy or not!


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