Author Topic: How I became a monster loving kid and the monster toy enthusiast I am today!  (Read 11105 times)


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Hey, these are fantastic stories.  Lots of great material.  :)
Beautiful moving, shifting colors!

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That's one hell of a collection right there.

Only disappointment for me would be no Archie comics. They were my favorite growing up.

While I don't have any old comics devoted to Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty and friends specifically, I do have a number of very cool Archie Radio Publications comics. Here are scans of some of my favourites:



12 Bethlehem copy

The above was the first Fly comic I ever read. It was at the Lamont & Perkins drugstore on the corner near my house and it left a very powerful mark on my impressionable nine year old mind!

1 Northland copy

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