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Re: The 1960's Frankenstein 3-Ring Binder
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I have a Ferry binder.  When I bought it, I didn't know what it was.  The  seller was vague about its origins.  It's just a piece of paper inserted into a standard black binder with a clear vinyl pocket.  The Ferry binders were new designs, though.  They were not the same artwork as the 60s binders.  The one I have is a Phantom.

As a warning to future readers of this thread, the binder to which Raycastile is referring is not the one that's the subject of discussion of this thread. The Frankenstein binder we're discussing is the one Hasbro released in the 1960's and is very different from and should not be confused with the cheap Famous Monsters of Filmland Frankenstein binder pictured here:

The Famous Monsters of Filmland binders were offered by Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine when Ray Ferry was the publisher in the 1990's and featured artwork ripped off from other places. Despite what shysters now like to claim, the Famous Monsters of Filmland binders are neither "rare" nor "vintage".

Here are three threads that serve to contrast the Hasbro binders from the 1960's with the Famous Monsters of Filmland binders:

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