Author Topic: TV on DVD What are you watching now?  (Read 41219 times)


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Re: TV on DVD What are you watching now?
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    "They come from the bowels of hell; a transformed race of walking dead. Zombies, guided by a master plan for complete domination of the Earth."

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Re: TV on DVD What are you watching now?
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Whoops Apocalypse, 1982 - BBC show in 6 episodes that tells the last days of the Russian/American cold war before nuclear conflict breaks out.  Told from both sides.

Every character in this little farce is an over-the-top interpretation of a familiar archetype in politics and world news.  As outrageous as "The Bed Sitting Room" and, in its own way, as ominous as "Dr. Strangelove". 

The English writers/performers impressions of American leaders are hilarious in their awful execution but dead cold sobering in their intent.  So funny to hear a proper English actor trying to mispronounce nuclear as "nucular" and failing to pull it off.  So discomforting to come face to face with how non-Americans see us.

Sketch grade acting, plays a bit like a Rocky & Bullwinkle adventure.  If you look past the nuttiness, there is something going on in here.

NOT for everyone.  But, I have come to love it.


The Network 2-disc PAL DVD version of this offers the 6-episode version as originally broadcast, and a 1986 re-edited continuous movie version.  Extras:  pdf versions of both entire scripts, 150 page pdf analysis of the show and pdf press releases.


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Re: TV on DVD What are you watching now?
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The Invaders. I spotted the set in Walmart last week and picked it up. The entire 43 episode series for $30.00! I loved the show as a kid, but couldn't remember too much about it.  I've watched 5 or 6 episodes so far and it's an excellent show.