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Wicked Lester:
The last month plus killed of season 4-6 of Adam -12. I have fond memories of this show from childhood and been watching on ME-TV. Bought some I haven't seen in almost 40 years. Well worth the easy price from Amazon.
 I'm a BIG fan of old westerns and I have to say that aside from Wanted Dead or Alive ,Tales of Wells Fargo Season 1-2 is a great series. I am now on the last disc and this show is really addicting tho many of the shows in this tin litho set are actually seasons 3+. Still a MUST have for fans of old western shows. Great story , drama ,morals, etc.

From been watching TrueBlood first 2 seasons. Guiltily addicting.

So what are you watching and would you recommend?

I don't get to watch much teevee, but since I was off work today watched the Conan dvd with jason Momoa. I also watched a dvd of musician Roland Kirk. Found both of these at a used dvd/cd shop.

     "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". I'm still working on the first season. This was a great show. At first it mostly involved espionage/commie plots, but later it got all MONSTERED UP! Can't wait! >:D

Original version of The Outer Limits.  Having watched The Twilight Zone series not so far back, I find Outer Limits to be (generally) not of the sams level of quality.  Still, plenty of good epsides in between.


The Fugitive
The Outer Limits
Doctor Who: Revenge Of the Cybermen
Torchwood season 1
Kolchak: The Night Stalker


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