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OOB Review - The Mummy - Earthbound/Jeff Yagher
« on: November 10, 2012, 04:57:26 PM »
The Mummy
A Love That Defied Time
Drives A Beautiful Girl To Her Doom!

Behind the Scenes
Following the success of Frankenstein (1931) Jack Pierce and Boris Karloff joined forces again to deliver another unforgettable monster.

Actors have it so easy! :D

Movie Poster


Perhaps someone can enlighten me..... how come the interior is decorated differently to the one above?

It comes to Life!

Get yourself in the mood..... Re-live a few classic Mummy moments

The Mummy (1932) trailer

La Momia 1932 - ˇˇVive!!

The Mummy
Sculptor: Jeff (My first aid kit is now seriously low on bandages) Yagher
Producer: Earthbound Studios
Molding and Casting: Earthbound Studios
Material: Off-white Resin (head and base are hollow cast but mounting pole is solid)
Scale: 3/4 approximately
Size: H 18" x W 8" x D 8.5"
Parts:  2 (Head and base)
Inclusions: Brief instructions regarding preparation and pinning
What else do I need?: Nothing
Price: US$165+$15 S&H in the USA. Overseas customers welcome too, just ask for a quote on the shipping.
Website: No
Contact: Mark at earthboundstudios(*at*)

The kit...............
These are 2 of Jeff Yagher's photos of his completed sculpt.

Jeff then sent the shambling mummy across the country to Mark Brokaw for a bit of molding and casting magic.
Three thousand seven hundred years later... (OK, it didn't take that long, but I am trying to stick to a theme.)

Ever bought a kit and sometime later, you're missing a small part? Well, you won't have that problem here!
The kit consists of this gorgeous pyramid base and the head. If you lose either of them................

The beautiful stone pyramid is hollow cast with nice thick walls
and the mounting pole for the head is solid resin for additional strength.

Jeff sculpted the crumbling stone detail onto all 4 walls of the pyramid. I have no idea how
the mold works for the lettering, as each letter is firmly attached to the pyramid with resin
supports which are recessed behind each letter. I'd imagine that this would shred the mold
when you remove the casting. But not if you're Mark Brokaw!

This nameplate idea is sheer genius. Coming straight from the opening moments
of the film, it seems to hover in front of the pyramid and is very effective.

The head is also hollowcast in nice thick resin. Here you can see the view from underneath showing the mounting hole. Mark points out in
the instructions included with the kit, that the hole is a potential weak point due to the rotocasting process and recommends pinning the
head to the pole. Even if you don't pin the head, the worst that could happen in the event of a failure, would be that the head would slide
down the pole and touch the base. No problem.

Did someone say 'likeness'? Following on from his '31 Monster in this BigHead series, Jeff Yagher has done
another excellent job recreating the Pierce/Karloff make-up. He has captured the rough textures used in
the original make-up, which look a little over-done when you are handling it close-up, but take a step back
and it looks perfect.

Imhotep from the rear. As you can see, the hair is nicely sculpted.
Although this sculpture is 18" tall, the wide base provides a perfectly stable platform.

The detail on the bandages is very nice as well and the casting is very clean.

I love the nice smooth transition from the forehead, back through the hairline.

If you could only afford ONE Mummy.............
Mark Brokaw is well known for his BigHead line of kits and with the addition of this
classic Mummy to the line, you can't help but be impressed and wonder what he has
in store for us in the future. As a regular repeat offender, when it comes to purchasing
Eartbound BigHeads, I can promise you great quality kits which are terrific value for
money and excellent service.

A final word.....
These two superb models are the result of the Brokaw/Yagher combination over the past year. Prior to this, they were responsible
for Curse of the Werewolf and The Creature From The Black Lagoon BigHeads. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks to Mark
and Jeff for making these amazing kits happen and how much we look forward to seeing your future works.

Gallery of Resin Art
Here is one of the photos that Steve (I've had my fingers surgically changed into paint brushes) Parke posted on another forum.
If you'd like Steve to paint a kit for you, then contact him through his website (yes, he does fantastic photography too.)

This is a photoshop version done by Mark's buddy Andy Garringer.


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Re: OOB Review - The Mummy - Earthbound/Jeff Yagher
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2012, 03:34:38 AM »
These busts are a must have!
I bought them both and still need to paint the Mummy.

Yagher's sculpt and Earthbound Studio's FLAWLESS  CASTING!
(Pretty much ZERO CLEANUP!)

I have bought several pieces from Earthbound Studios...
ALWAYS a great transaction with Mark!

Great pieces for anyone's collection!

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Re: OOB Review - The Mummy - Earthbound/Jeff Yagher
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2021, 11:13:22 PM »
May be super late to the party on this, but are these kits still available? Would absolutely love to add these to my collection!

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Re: OOB Review - The Mummy - Earthbound/Jeff Yagher
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2021, 11:25:55 PM »
May be super late to the party on this, but are these kits still available?

It's been nearly a decade, but you might try looking on the Earthbound Studios website to see if they have any.

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Re: OOB Review - The Mummy - Earthbound/Jeff Yagher
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