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Re: Frank N' Stein restaurants
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Re: Frank N' Stein restaurants
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About 20 years ago, Brinke Stevens and Henry Alvarez were part of a group that was trying to raise financing for a string of Frank-N-Stein restaurants. I remember seeing a brochure for potential franchisees. Henry was to provide the figure to decorate the restaurants. From what I understand, Universal Pictures tried to block it. This led to investors shying away from it.

Whoa, I never knew that Universal quashed this project. I always thought Henry and partner Del Winans just weren't able to raise the necessary capital.
I still have my brochure and prospectus from back then, both full of fun menu concepts >


I also got a nifty "crew jacket" out of the deal >

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Re: Frank N' Stein restaurants
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Sometime before I left California in 2011, I was a season pass holder at Universal Studios. They had a food service location called "Frank N' Stein from June 2001 to November 2006.
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