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UMA and Recasting Strife.
« on: January 21, 2012, 04:52:04 PM »
I promise this will be my last word on this subject. Any and all future posts regarding this matter will be deleted. I'm only responding to it now out of the respect of some new members who might be wondering just what the hell this is all about. Well, pull up a chair .. I'll tell you what this is all about. And please, will somebody please forward this to the Clubhouse site too so their members can read my story and not another bastardized misinterpretation of it?

This is about a handful of people who have targeted the UMA and falsely branded it as a "safe haven" for recasters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once again, read my lips, the UMA does NOT condone or support recasting of somebody's licensed product! But that has never been what this controversy is all about anyways. This is about a handful of people who have gone to unimaginable lengths, in what clearly is now an endless hate filled assault, to not just snuff out an unlicensed recast of a model kit .. no, their battle is much more personal than that. Certain individuals are now accusing others of child molestation (yes, you know who you are), and have even had the audacity to compare their crimes in the same league as rape! This accusation was just made the other day here at this forum! This stuff is so far out there that simple rational reasoning is no longer an option. Their objective is to terminate at all costs. And I'm supposed to some how allow this kind of thing into the UMA? Well, I've got two words for that .. "f&*% you!" Not in my house you don't! I've spent 12 friggin years of my life building this community up into something that I feel is one of the best online communities on the web. I'm not about to allow a handful of individuals to bust the door down and piss all over it. The UMA is not a courtroom for litigants to wage their legal battles. It's also not a bathroom stall for cowardly defamation of character. It's not even a full blown model kit site. We don't have the time, the resources, or the patience to try and sort through all of this. And I'm not about to let somebody do it for me either. Can you imagine if I listened to every complaint that comes my way and acted on it strictly based on what one individual is telling me to do? Do you realize what kind of precedent that would set? I bet I'd have over a hundred people in a day telling me who should be banned and who is a saint. The chaos that would result from such a thing brings to mind the fear and paranoia found in the timeless Twilight Zone episode, "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street."  Is he a recaster? Is she a recaster? Maybe I'm a recaster? No, there's the recaster! Get him and kill him!

Look, I've covered this matter as much as I'm going to. I really don't what more to say that I haven't already said a hundred times before. It's my house. Play by my rules or leave. I will decided who is in violation of the UMA terms of service and not anybody else. Until you break those rules, you are allowed to stay. If you come into my house and piss on the carpet, you will forcibly be removed. If your objective is join this forum, steal our bandwidth, and break our harmony just to seek and destroy recasters, then you will be sadly disappointed. Sorry, wrong forum, and wrong administration team to talk to. That's not our objective here - never has been. Go start up your own damn forum and beat each others brains out all day and night. Participation in this forum is a privilege; not an entitlement. We pay the bills here, not you.

And just for the record, if all of this sounds like the UMA doesn't care about the unfavorable act of recasting, and I know it has by some folks, then so be it. That's a risk I'm willing to take to protect and to serve the majority of good people here at UMA. The minority will choose to believe whatever fuels their agenda anyways.

Any and all future posts regarding recasting conflicts will be reviewed by the admins and most likely deleted. Just like discussing politics and religion, discussions on recasting are considered flammable topics and we discourage it. This should be obvious by now, but clearly isn't for a few folks who would rather fight than play according to our rules.

Thanks for your support. And may God continue to bless the UMA.

Terry Ingram
The General of the Universal Monster Army.
The Famous Monster of Mpls.  Sayer of the law.


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