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OOB Review/Comparison - 360 Series COTW - Black Heart
« on: November 23, 2011, 01:56:51 AM »
Time for some controversy!
It is time to pit producer against producer, sculptor against sculptor, kit against kit. It's time to name and time to shame.
So it is Black Heart Vs Black Heart..... Joe Simon Vs Joe Simon..... COTW wall-mount bust Vs COTW 360 series.

OK.... maybe not too much controversy after all, as there are only winners and it is probably YOU! :D

If you want to know how the Black Heart "COTW wall-mount" compares to the latest "COTW 360 series bust" then read on.
I warn you though, both are so well done that it might just bring a tear to your eye too.

THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF Full-Size Bust - 360 Series
Sculptor: Joe Simon
Maker: Black Heart Enterprises
Casting: Unknown
Material: Resin - Hollow cast white resin
Scale: 1:1
Size: H 13 1/2" x W 9 1/2" x D 10"
Parts: 1 (Bust)
Inclusions: 2 sided colour profile sheet
What else do I need: Nothing
Contact: goblackheart(*at*)

As I understand it, when George showed off the Joe Simon COTW wallmount sculpture to some of his closest buddies for their thoughts, some thought it was SO good that it should be a full bust. And so Joe Simon was asked to "add a bit to the back" :D  With the release of the Dracula in the 360 series, maybe there will be more to come. The photos below should show the major differences. The 360 version does NOT come with a nameplate, but it does come  with the same Profile Sheet that was included with the wall mount version. I think each kit has its own strengths. You could buy either of these kits and you would definitely be happy.

When comparing the 2 busts front on, the major difference is that Joe has added more shirt, which is cleverly covering the base which has been added.
The 360 COTW appears to be identical to the wall mount, except the deep crevices in the cheeks appear to have been slightly smoothed - and I do mean "slightly".

The added shirt comes at a cost though. The claw marks on the right underside of the wall mount version had to go. You do get a base though,
which feels very solid and stable. You also get a whole right ear and back of the head. Very cool!

From this angle, the two are virtually identical. The 360 version has a torn left collar.

The differences are pretty obvious at the back. I use speaker wall brackets to mount my wallhangers. The backs of the wall hangers sit out
about 5" from the wall. The brackets have the advantage of being able to move left and right and up and down. This really helps with
positioning the heads, so you can see them at their best. I have lots of kits that only look good sitting on a shelf at a particular height,
so this solves that problem. The only downside to the brackets is that the ones I have don't allow you to move the heads in a clockwise
or anti clockwise direction. In that case I have to either drill another hole in the wall or adjust the position of the plate on the wallhanger.
The plates are a separate part and fit nicely onto the wall brackets making it easy to remove a head from the wall for cleaning.

Not a bad group! The casting is very good. I hadn't noticed before, but there is a slight depression running across the top of the head
of the 360 version where the join has occurred to turn it into a full 360 bust. It would just need a bit of Apoxie Sculpt to hide it if a
100% perfect finish is what you want to achieve. If yours is going up on a shelf, then you'd never see it.

5 monsters, my wife and daughter and how about the green Teddy! To get any of those heads down, it is a simple case
of lifting them vertically so that the plate attached to the head clears the lugs on the speaker brackets attached to the wall.
Those kits don't look like wall mounts, do they? I guess our brains just add in the rest of the missing detail toward the back.

The Verdict
Both kits are magnificent! I can't tell you which one is best. I obviously have both and I imagined that when the 360 version arrived that I would put the other one away. But the wall mount has a charm of its own. It comes with a nameplate, it is cheaper and it has all the essential COTW features and more. So as you can see from the pics, the wall mount stays as well. I love them both. Anyone would be happy with the casting quality, add in Black Heart's reputation for a trouble free purchase........ what are you waiting for?  :)  It doesn't get better than this.

Gallery of Modern Art
If you want your kit built and painted professionally, contact David Fisher or Saul Alvarez for a quote.
The following photos are examples of their AMAZING painting skills.

David Fisher's work on the wall mount

Saul Alvarez's work on the 360 series

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