Author Topic: Frankenstein, devil + skull Mold-a-ramas at the zoo! Oh My!  (Read 1093 times)

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Frankenstein, devil + skull Mold-a-ramas at the zoo! Oh My!
« on: October 14, 2011, 12:19:10 AM »
Hello fellow monster lovers!
I've been lurking for some time, either putting in too many hours at the laboratory or just nothing to say, but I now have some Halloween fun for all! These are mold-a-ramas a friend has previously acquired for me from the Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo; I'm not posting them just for show-and-tell, but to let everyone know that the Frankie head, a devil, a skull and "[something] that looks like a goblin" is available right now at Tampa's zoo!

 BTW, I live across the river from St. Louis, so I havenít been to Lowry Zoo, but they are currently running the ZooBoo, with their Gift Shop having four Mold-a-rama machines!
According to Kimmie Petrocky, the Gift Shops Manager, ďthe molds are $2.00 per piece and we have 4 styles this year. One is an orange devil, one is a blue Frankenstein, one is a dark green skull, and the last is also green but it looks like a goblin or something and the color is more of a mossy color.
 I can send them directly to you as we have a mailing center right on the property. All I need is your shipping address and your credit card information. If you are uncomfortable giving me your credit card number through e-mail, then please feel free to contact me directly and I can take your information over the phone. There will also be a shipping charge of approximately $5 dollars.Ē 
She can be reached (*at*) Kimberly.Petrocky(*at*)
[Iím 99.9% sure the Frankie will be the bust and not the statuette]
So, any Monster Kids in the Tampa area could attend the ZooBoo, or do as I will, and send Kimmie much money to make and send the Mold-a-ramas to me!