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Fuel The Dream!
« on: August 05, 2011, 11:05:22 PM »
Good eveing everyone! I just wanted to take the time to tell you about a campaign fund raiser I am creating over at Indiegogo. The campaign is called Fuel The Dream This campaign is to help further my education so to speak and to help my art career. The main reason for the campaign is to help me with funds to help pay off my tattoo apprenticeship schooling I have been accepted into a tattoo shop in town called Soulfire Tattoos. All I have to do now is sign the contracts and pay off the $4000 for the schooling so to say which will be done right at the shop, I will be getting taught the proper and safe way to create tattoos that people will love. The other $1500 will be divided up to my other art porjects and new and better supplies.

It has been my dream since I was 14 to become a tattoo artist and I am now finally taking the proper steps needed to fullfill my dream. I think my artwork is at the best stage it has ever been at and my general confidence an excitement to learn is at an all time high. I think this shop would be a great thing for me,and I think it would be a great career path for me too.

Now of course there are a lot of cool perks to donating money to help me with this. All the perks are art related, ranging from differnet sizes and such. Whats better then helping with a good cause and getting some custom one of a kind original hand drawn artwork. Also for everyone that donates thay are the ones that get to pick what I draw! So it's not some thing like you donate money and I randomly draw something, you get to give me your idea for the piece what ever it might be and I create it for you!

Now if I did happen to meet my goal and make extra money, that money would go towards, a new bigger scanner, art supplies and stuff along those lines. Some of the money would go towards my two new sketch books. One which will be a horror movie tribute sketch book,while the other will be all costum tattoo flash art! Who knows maybe I'll even throw in some finished books to some people who donate a lot! I also have a novel in the works so I would love to be able to get a good editor lined up to go over that too, to check over everything for me, but all funding first will be going towards the apprenticeship while the extra money will either go to one other porject or be divided up depending.

I hope you all will take the time to spread the word about this, the more the better, it really is for a good cause! I just want to be able to make the best tattoos and artwork possible for everyone.

Here is a link to the campaign over at Indiegogo


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