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Aurora made more figure kits from the fifties to the seventies than did any other model kit manufacturer. Many would argue that Aurora also made the best - and for the most part they may be right. What's absolutely certain though is that Aurora had as pivotal a role in the Universal monster revival of the early sixties as did "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine. The Aurora monster model kits captured the imagination of kids across not only the depth and breadth of the country but overseas as well. This was partially due to the incomparable box art of James Bama which has since become the gold standard by which any other depictions of the Universal monsters are measured.

So showcase your Aurora MIB figure kits and built-ups right here! I'll start.

The bottom two shelves of my model cabinet are devoted to Aurora kits. Most of these are of figures:

Here I am with some of the individual kits:


Part of the success of the Aurora line of monster kits was the marketing. Professional build-ups from the Aurora factory were distributed to model shops across the country. At the time these were of a quality well beyond the capability of the target market to replicate. Nonetheless, they were the proverbial lollipop used to entice young boys.

In addition, Aurora sponsored contests for budding young monster builders. The contests and the fabulous ads promoting these on the back of comic books acted to fuel the already fevered imagination of a whole generation of youngsters.


Prof. Hemispheres:
Nice collection, Hepcat!
Love those Aurora monsters!!!

I love the James Bama artwork .. The link below is an interview with him ...



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