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I want all of you talented types to take advantage of the new forum and post your art.

Linda, Mike, John, Terry B., Baron Timothy and the rest of you lurking visually oriented types, get busy!

Here are my recent drawings.*at*))N04/2084874312/*at*))N04/2084868624/*at*))N04/2084866102/

I welcome feedback.

I'll toss in one I did many years ago when I had a brief fling with the Rapidograph pen.  It's one of the few pieces of my own art that I still have--so many went to other homes over the years.  This is a traditional stippling technique, done one darn dot at a time!  lol  It's also over in the gallery at the official Karloff site.

I really like the Peter Lorre. It has a very nice feel to it. The looseness of the sketch is wonderful!

Great job!!


The only ones I have done lately are the three I did for Keith LuBrant. The images I posted at another site did not have their final coat of varnish, which you have to apply because the turpentine dulls the colors as it dries. The following images were photographed after the final varnishing, and the colors are a bit more vibrant. I hope no one minds my posting them again.

Yay! More, more!

I like that drawing very much, Robert. Today I made an experiment. My second attempt at an apple head doll. This one will be Ardeth Bey. I'll post pics soon, and more as it dries.

Mike, I posted things I've previously posted, so don't fret. I think we should have a place to show off in our new digs ;)

I'm glad you like Dr. Gogol, I think that is my favorite so far.


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