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Recast Regurgitation Reminder
« on: February 06, 2011, 09:43:16 AM »
The false innuendos against the UMA seem to continue at other forums if only because it provides continued fodder for the never-ending, and insatiable appetite between certain individuals who have traded in one hobby (model kits) for another (drama with defamations of character).

Again, and for the umpteenth time, directly aimed at the folks who don't want hear this anyways (only because it puts an ending on their self-imposed drama) :


The UMA does NOT condone recasting, or willing know and allow recast models to be sold at its site.

The UMA is NOT a safe haven for re-casters selling recasts.

The UMA is NOT, and will NOT, be a player in the modeling communities' new and never-ending sub-hobby - flaming each other under the guise of contraband model kits.

The UMA does NOT allow members, or non-members, to dictate administrative decisions at UMA.

The UMA, including most of its members, is bored to death with the petty drama surrounding a handful of individuals who's main intent is to perpetuate the recasting battle thereby empowering the re-casters and their illicit practices to move forward.

The UMA is NOT, and will NOT, be a playground, or courtroom for civil cases between private litigants.

The UMA will only ban members who break the UMA Terms Of Service agreement (


Please feel free to copy and paste this info to anyone and anywhere. This thread has also been locked and is not open to discussion.

Respectfully, Terry Ingram

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