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Re: Ten Things About You
« Reply #225 on: March 29, 2018, 04:31:25 PM »
Here's some stuff about me:

1 - I saw Star Wars 13 times in the theater in 1977.
2 - I am a widower and a divorcee
3 - I served in the Army during the Cold War
4 - My fondest remembrance of movies was seeing The Fog and Phantasm on a double bill at the drive-in in 1980
5 - At 54, I still have all my parts - tonsils, appendix, and even wisdom teeth
6 - I fly just about every week for work
7 - I have a vanity plate on my car that reads Ghastly
8 - I was a Civil War reenactor
9 - I have a degree in Economics
10 - I raised 3 wonderful children!!
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Re: Ten Things About You
« Reply #226 on: March 30, 2018, 12:38:26 AM »
Universal Steve, Thanks so much for your reply.  Please, Steve, take care of yourself too, nothing is impossible and everything is possible.  I admit, it is scary sometimes, but I just "ride that wave" as high as I possibly can, and let the rest to chance.  No one ever said that life was fair, bad things can surely happen to good people, but it is only your own perception as to what is bad or good, I've always said, fight like there's no tomorrow, because, you just never know.  I feel you are one of the "good" guys, never say never, and fight the good fight, no matter what. Steve, send me an e-mail anytime.