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Oh wow, I used an old computer and I totally forgot about that account. For a long time I lurked here due to another individual being a member here who had sent me threats and other fun stuff. I didn't even know the PW anymore, guess that computer still had it.

Just completed an interview about the magazine:

Bill Clinton: Vacuum Finder
Modern Monster Movies / Re: Little Monsters? Should I be worried?
« Last post by delfloria on July 14, 2020, 11:55:27 PM »
Even the original films would be considered kid friendly by todays standards.
Modern Monster Movies / Re: New Wolfman Movie from Universal
« Last post by delfloria on July 14, 2020, 11:52:01 PM »
That is encouraging.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Hey, Mars

Yeah I think they're all fun, but a few are higher quality. The Yeti episode is very good. Very scientific. I like that. So it's not the usual suspects. They test six samples of relics from the Himalayas---relics that were supposedly Yeti samples. Tests showed the relics are all from bear  :(. That new unsolved mysteries series is pretty good. The UFO witnesses all seemed pretty grounded. Again, I like that, as opposed to documentaries that interview the tin foil hat crowd. The "Dark Prophecies" episode quite good too. They interview a number of psychologists and brain scientists who talk about precognition. So this one pretty grounded too (although the Nostradamus guy they interviewed seemed pretty far out  :D). The exorcist episode was cool because you don't see that topic very often. I think they should have interviewed more people giving the devil's advocate position (pun intended). In other words, most of the people they interviewed believe 100% the kid was possessed. If you look at the case study, however, I think there's a serious likelihood the kid was acting.

Either way I'm a sucker for these shows.   :)

I missed your response
Classic Monster Movies / Re: New Blu-ray/DVD Releases
« Last post by marsattacks666 on July 14, 2020, 11:33:56 PM »
Come on Mike ;)! Friday the 13th is awesome. He's prob my favorite slasher to collect. I have all the movies on blue ray and dvd anyhow, but that set does look rad.

2019-01-17_07-29-07 by geezer2014, on Flickr

Geez. I preorder the set. All the special features are incredibly fantastic. 🤘🏻
Classic Monster Movies / Re: Last Monster/Horror/Sci-Fi Movie/Show You Watched
« Last post by Hepcat on July 14, 2020, 11:32:27 PM »
Shark Lake (2015)

Good concept! Bull sharks are known man eaters and have no problem venturing far up freshwater rivers.

Music / Re: What have you been listening to?
« Last post by marsattacks666 on July 14, 2020, 11:29:54 PM »
Satellite radio playing some great old school rockers  >:D

Black Sabbath: Supernaut
Rainbow: Stargazer
Motley Crue: 10 Seconds to Love
Iron Maiden: Where Eagles Dare
Kiss: Christine Sixteen
Slayer: Chemical Warfare


All great. However...Christine Sixteen, so creepy.
Captain Kronos ; Vampire Hunter
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