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Modern Monster Toys / Re: Funko Reaction figures pic
« Last post by Subatomic_Matt on Today at 10:34:51 AM »
How about Tor Johnson & Vampira?


I agree with alla these. And if we can get a Hitchcock then SURELY we should get The Screen’s #1 Shock Expert: William Castle (with Tingler accessory)
I own one of these new Strange Glenn's. He's awesome, well-detailed and eerie, he even has a little button on a wire that plays a sound clip from Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein!

How cool. He doesn't even mention that feature in his listing. I've been a fan of Chuck Jarmin's work for a long time and have several of his BITN masks from back when he was mass producing them. The sculpts and quality were always top notch for mass produced.
The Cemetery / Arletha Franklin...76
« Last post by Bizarro Jeff on Today at 09:25:18 AM »
CNN has reported that Ms Franklin passed away this morning...she was under hospice care for the past few days...

Bizarro jeff
Modern Monster Toys / Re: MEGO-Dracula/Bela Lugosi
« Last post by favoritemonsters on Today at 09:17:30 AM »
Pretty cool they are numbered, I wonder who got #666?

#1931 would be cool to find...
Classic Monster Movies / Re: New Blu-ray/DVD Releases
« Last post by Monsters For Sale on Today at 05:05:22 AM »

3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS, 2017 - BLU-Ray -  Videonomicon - Scheduled Release Date - October 23, 2018

Limited to 1000 Copies.

After stumbling upon the graves of three murdered trick or treaters, a small town paperboy discovers a series of handwritten horror stories tacked to the children’s headstones.  The stories tell grisly tales of Halloween rites, rituals, and traditions.  Anthology of three tales with a wraparound narrative that unites them.

Blu-ray/DVD Special Features:

        Video Interview with Director Torin Langen
        Audio Commentary with Director Torin Langen and Producer Eric Repke
        Audio Commentary with Director Torin Langen
        Radio Interview with Composer Stephen Schooley and Director Torin Langen
        Storyboard Comparison
        Deleted Scenes
        Stills Gallery
        Original Theatrical Trailer
        Reversible cover art featuring front artwork by Elijah LaFollette and reverse artwork by Haunt Love

Never heard of this one before, but I can't wait to see it.
Music / Re: Whats the last song you listened to today??
« Last post by Wicked Lester on Today at 04:56:31 AM »
Gary Clail.
Creator of Tack Head. I am mostly a Metal guy but love various versions of music as long as it is NOT too commercial.
I had a hiatus back in the mid 90's where I almost limited my music to  90's Techno,Rave, EBM and trance. Got into industrial  metal and back to my roots of REAL Metal,Death, Power etc.

Still this 25 Y.O long song still kicks ass today. Too bad all my connects are LOONG gone without any "mind altering drugs to be found.  :'(

Horror Literature / Re: WARNING:Irish Limericks Ahead
« Last post by BARON TIMOTHEUS BGG on Today at 04:14:44 AM »
           WARNING: Irish Limericks Ahead  (Read 319,811 times)

     thrhrt ~~~~~~~ :o ~~~~~ Zombie Shocked ~~~~~ hmjfym ~~~~~~~ tynhrt

               A Tortured VAMPIRE could, not, "GET IT RIGHT",
               Yet, He would, not, "Give, Up", without a FIGHT;
               The BLOOD that He SOUGHT,
               IT cannot be BOUGHT;
               He took COMMUNION & PERISHED That NIGHT!

     thrhrt ~~~~~~~ :o ~~~~~ Zombie Shocked ~~~~~ hmjfym ~~~~~~~ tynhrt
                               EXANIMO EVERNOW,
10,000 Maniacs
Modern Monster Toys / Re: NEW FOR HALLOWEEN - 2018
« Last post by aura of foreboding on Today at 12:36:20 AM »
Died from poor marketing, I guess.

I know people liked their products.

Well, I am hoping there will still be UM stuff at Target.  DMG said he wasn't aware that there wouldn't be new MV stuff, so...  There is hope,  :)
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