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Title: ebay auction for rare first print books and Doctor Who items
Post by: John Pertwee on May 12, 2019, 07:22:10 AM
https://www.ebay.com/sch/whofan4life/m.html?item=202671225709&hash=item2f30257b6d%3Ag%3AsPsAAOSw4h5cz19L&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 (https://www.ebay.com/sch/whofan4life/m.html?item=202671225709&hash=item2f30257b6d%3Ag%3AsPsAAOSw4h5cz19L&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562)

ending today...
The Pertwee key is made from a cast of the prop by a company in the UK that no longer stocks them, and the Dalek is the sound FX version and still works. A first print Book Club Edition Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick.

Other Auctions ending next Friday include a few other books, and I plan on putting the Titan Hammer Frankenstein bust on as soon as I figure out how to ship it.

Thank you for looking.