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Title: Mad Monster Party Arizona 2019: June 28-30
Post by: Count_Zirock on March 05, 2019, 01:47:41 AM
10438 N Fort McDowell Rd
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85264
https://www.facebook.com/events/421108955096958/?ti=as (https://www.facebook.com/events/421108955096958/?ti=as)


Heads up, gang! Most of our core Mad Monster family buy advance tickets and the hotel is practically sold out before we even announce a single guest. It’s an annual Monster Kid reunion, after all! Over the years, we’ve grown beyond capacity. Along the way, we’ve picked up our share of mercenaries like joyless autograph hunters only concerned with our next guest announcement, and ComicCon attendees only wanting to meet big guests at a lower ticket price. We don’t begrudge anyone for that, but our challenge is SPACE and MANPOWER to accommodate the crowds. Truthfully, those “tourist-fans” will never be our priority. We’re eager to get back to the more intimate vibe that makes the show special. To get there, we’re happy to weed out anyone who doesn’t have a premium for the Mad Monster community we’ve all worked so hard to foster. To that end, we have a few changes we think hardcore fans will love.

We’re excited to announce that Mad Monster is going back to basics, streamlining the show, and going “old school!”

Mad Monster has pulled off some amazing events including introducing first time guests, pioneering in-costume celeb experiences, presenting world-class performances, and creating innovative programming. It’s gratifying to hear that fans love it and it’s flattering that other shows try their hand at what we do. Here are some changes that will help us enhance the fan experience and preserve the unique environment and atmosphere we’ve created together.

Effective immediately:

STREAMLINING AND FIERCE-FOCUS! We will be hosting 13 CELEBRITY GUESTS per show and focusing on showcasing them properly. Part of the fun of our show is that celebrity guests want to participate as much as the fans. Many of them become “family” and have as much fun partying past the witching hour with the rest of us. Other cons go bigger and bigger while amazing guests slip through the cracks, not getting the attention they deserve. There are just not enough hours in a show to properly showcase 25+ guests. Worse, fans ask us to bring a guest back the following year because they couldn’t afford everyone’s autograph or had to make hard choices. Now fans will have the ability to enjoy quality time with ALL of our 13 celebrity guests. 

BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE OR PAY CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR. In an effort to refine the show and keep the crowds manageable, we will sell out at a predetermined capacity that assures that fans who do get in will have the greatest time EVER! We’re eliminating 3rd party tickets to do away with restrictions and too many separate lines that jam up the flow of entry to the show.” Anyone wanting to pay via credit card must purchase discounted advance tickets. There will be ATMs available for day-of-show cash purchasers on premises for your convenience. Our discounts for military/ veterans, law enforcement and firefighters will always remain available.

DELETE BUTTON ACTIVATED! In an attempt to be inclusive, Mad Monster has allowed unfiltered comments on our Social Media platforms. Our attempt to be fair has opened us up and exposed YOU to unnecessary aggravation from folks lurking for trouble and without any value for the community we’ve built together. We feel privileged for your support. Many of you have found a home at Mad Monster and love participating in our once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We aim to keep our relationship with you fun and exciting. In that effort, buzz-killer posts will now be deleted and trolls, primarily interested in stirring conflict or complaining, will be blocked.

BARLOW’S BAN LIST! To ensure that the harrowing halls of Mad Monster Party remain freaky, fun, and friendly, we have instituted a permanent BAN LIST - and we think it’s swell! We put on specialty events and we are a specialty brand. We know our sinister sweet spot. We know who our awesome fans are. We stay in our fast lane for those who appreciate us. To any of those who don’t “get us” or what we do? There are other shows for them to lurk at and complain about. We do this show for you. For “us”. We are always receptive to constructive criticism and pride ourselves on accommodating our fiends. But there will be zero tolerance for anyone exhibiting disrespect, lurking for trouble, or making an inappropriate scene. Banned for life (and beyond).

We’ve always taken our “fans-first” philosophy deadly seriously. We want our hard work to result in a show we love rather than a chore where we cram as many fans as possible into a venue. We will never sacrifice the unique community we’ve created just to accommodate more bodies. We won’t pander to conflict-seekers and complainers just to snatch a couple extra bucks from their sweaty fists. When Mad Monster stops being fun for any of us, Mad Monster stops being! So, as long as those of you who “get us” keep coming back, we’ll be there for you! Maybe not BIGGER, but always BETTER than the last show!

With loathes and hisses,
Barlow & your Mad Monster family