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Yup....I would turn green and smashie smash whoever brought that to my door. Mmmm-hmmm sho nuff. >:( >:(
"I'll give you proof! I'll show you proof such as no man has ever had!"
Morticia Addams
Classic Monster Movies / Re: Universal Monster Blu Rays
« Last post by Lunkenstein on Today at 02:13:16 PM »
Thanks Memph. That's good to hear about SON, but a shame about TOMB (my favorite mummy sequel).  Good reason though, to hold on to the old sets just to be able to see a scene like that. My Blu Ray player is in the living room, but in my bedroom I just have a DVD player. So, depending on certain times, I'll probably still use the DVD sets. (I like to fall asleep to my old favorites.)
Non-Monster Movies / Re: Star Wars The Last Jedi (NO spoilers, please)
« Last post by Rex fury on Today at 01:34:12 PM »
My son and I saw it last night. I really enjoyed it but I didn't catch all the intricacies that my son did. It's somewhat amazing that this franchise entertained me as a young man and now, 40 years later is entertaining my son in much the same manner. I wish the Universal monsters resonated with him in the same way.
Modern Monster Toys / Re: Frankenstein by Rick Baker
« Last post by tylerh on Today at 01:08:49 PM »
I would be thrilled and anything with Rick Bakers fingerprints and name on it selling in a store would be slightly mindblowing but I must admit that the brushwork on Dirtyhorse's work has always been more than impressive and he recently painted a Frank head (magnet maybe?), that looked stunning and it did make me wonder which paint finish I preferred. As for the sculpt though, Rick baker really is the master and seeing the picture of the full body is quite jaw dropping.


IN the pots  (I follow Rick on Instagram too)  he said this was the preliminary paint job.. iE: The undertones, etc...   So expect something better from the guy who won 7 academy awards for just this exact thing  :)

Im also totally embarassed that my best paintjob on anything is 10X worse than Ricks first pass  :)
General Discussion / Re: Horror Blogs
« Last post by Mike Scott on Today at 01:03:54 PM »
There might be a thread for this already

I can't think of any?

I'm sure you know Trailers From Hell.
Godzilla vs Mothra(1992)
The Green Slime(1968)
The Gamma People(1956)

A string of "G" movies. A "G-String", if you will.  ;D
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