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First trailer is up.

Do we really need a new thread every time a new trailer drops? We can't just have one thread for all the G:KOTM stuff?

Anyway, trailer looks amazing. I can't stop watching it. The visuals here are gorgeous.
A few comments:

(1)If I were a betting man I would bet the Creature mask ends up in their website. In other related news they will be making other monster masks of the same type (Wolfman etc.). The box for the mask is awesome.

(2) I would imagine the ReAction figures will hit their website right after SDCC ends. I think they'll have extras.

(3) The Wolfman hair stuff and shoes sold out almost immediately last night.

(4) While it was initially advertised as opening at 9PM they altered the schedule and opened the Boodega at 5 PM.
. . so Id avoid paying scalper prices.

I maybe dumb, but I ain't crazy!  ;D
I hope Super 7 offer the sodas on the website. I want them, but no one has any sets on ebay, and I ain't going to San Diego for pop.
Super7 is very fan friendly, I would imagine theyll have a version of these on their website eventually, so Id avoid paying scalper prices.
Classic Monster Movies / Re: Classic "End of the World" movies
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Aren't Doritos approaching $5 a bag now?

Probably the jumbo family size bags. I buy the $2.50 size bag.  :)
3D and only $15.

And those rat bastards want $75 and $100!

Does anybody know where (link) Super 7 will be selling these online, if anywhere?
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